Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lunch with my East Indian crew

...Today comprised of Hindi sweets made with chick pea, walnuts, condensed milk, etc. And chipitas with curry yogurt, and some type of eggplant....yum!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yummy Pastelle and Sorrel

A Trini Christmas is filled with oddles of scrumptious deliciousness to both eat and drink.

Pastelle: a cornmeal patty type filled with meat and raisins...(Yes, raisins).

Sorrel: a tantalising drink spiced with clove and cinnamon..(Run if you desire)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The BEST Apple Chips

In the mini-quest for a "healthy" snack, I have found Apple and sweet potato chips from

Seneca. Delish, delish, delish! Try it and WUV them!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pholourie from Molly's Hotte Shoppe

With a large West Indian population scattered throughout Canada, Brampton has a high concentration of Trinidadians. And once there are Trinidadians, there will be roti shoppes! Case in point--Molly's Hotte Shoppe, located in an industrial part of Brampton, Molly's has lured me into her doors, and wow....the pholourie are bitesize, and soft, SOFTTT, a dunk into the medium heat tambarind sauce and pop that little lourie into your mouth and enjoy as your taste buds dance!

The aloopie, soft, and thin (just the way I love them).

P.s. If you are not a hot sauce adventurer, I will stay clear of the heat, it had me sweating and my nose running, lol

Molly's is located at: 44-490 Chrysler Dr, Brampton 905-793i0083

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Delicious guava tarts from Alima's

What a fragrant fruit a guava is.  If you reside in the Caribbean and or are lucky to get it imported to your local supermarket in North America, you know what I'm speaking of!  Today the urge for a pineapple tart hit me like a bolt of lightning, however, when I walked into Alima's,

I was greeted y Guava tarts, so naturally, I did what I had to do and purchased 6, in addition to 6 pineapple tarts.

Biting into one was so soft, and slightly flaky, not so flaky that you're clothing is covered in the pastry, no, no no, the pastry held together, the taste of the guava burst into my mouth and my tastebuds danced with total delight.  Even after eating one, the taste and the fragrant of the freshly made guava filling was till prominent.
Well done Alima's, well done!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Boo Starbucks

In marketing class in the pursuit to understand branding etc, we used Starbucks as a case study. It was my understanding that Starbucks is not about the coffee, but about the experience. The company has created a brand perception, expectation to have a unique experience. Well, I did not have a 'unique experience' at Starbucks.

No one engaged me, nor did they smile. "Yes, what would you like? One kids hot chocolate and cookie? Ok, that's $2.98." Handed over the money, and kept waiting for the unique experience' .

Guess I should call off the search party.

Let's Eat!
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Lunch is served. Simple and light.

What's for Sunday lunch today?

In an attempt not to starve, because as I've been told, I'm manless and have no one to cook for me, lol, therefore, I had to rise and cook.

It's going to be simple. Garlic shrimp stirfry, with baby bokchoy soup. Nice and simple.

I'm not in the mood to do the whole caribbean thing of macaroni pie, stew chicken, baked chicken, rice'n'peas, provisions and this and that and the other!

Friday, 9 December 2011

STOP stealing other people's food from work!

See what someone did? Lol...
BYOFTWOB: Bring Your OWN Food To Work Or Buy!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Preparations are in motion

Ok, so I got my mini-cake pans for my individual cakes, (3 for $2.00),which will be used as presents, (just hope I get the decoration right).

Still working on the main menu for the "bus tour" of drop-ins that will carry on as though they're paranging in Trinidad!! Still can't decide if to combine Chinese or Countrystyle with the Caribbean fixings.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Trini Christmas MUST...

....Have SORREL!

What you will need:
Sorrel (dried or fresh)

Boil the sorrel flower (if you purchased the sorrel with the seed, simply remove). Note: Wear gloves because the seeds have prickly hairs which can penetrate the skin.

Wash properly
Boil in a large pot with cloves and a smidgen is ginger, and a cinnamon stick for 20 mins
Let it completely cool
Sweeten with sugar, rum, serve with ice and enjoy!

Sorrel Facts:
It's made from the red sepals of the sorrel plant (hibicus sabdariffa), which has a sour taste.

Medicinal Purposes:
Hypertension and urinary tract infections and other undocumented purposes.

The "Lunch bag"

How far has it come from brown bag, wax paper, and the glad wrap sandwich bags? Well, it has come a mighty long way.

Today lunch bags are sooooo fashionable to the point now where I have to look inside to make sure I see the insulation.

Winners has such a wide variety of lunch bags! Look into it, and put down those unsightly plastic bags!