Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Italian Feast at Humber College Today

There isn't a day at Humber when there isn't something happening. Breakfasts, luncheons, celebrity Chefs, some kind of something is always happening.

Today was no different. With the red, white, and green flag and the scent of Mama Italia flowing through the food emporium, today was a day of Italia!

Tons of carbs, lol, the fire fighters didn't seem to mind as one plate I witnessed looked as though it's mission was to touch the sky.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Rear, med/rear, done, well done

Don't judge me ok, I like my meat COOKED!  Something about eating rear just doesn't do it for me.  I've enjoyed a delicious med/rear steak before, however, I prefer it cooked, not burnt and or charred, but cooked, tender, soft, succulent...well you get the picture.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

My friend's homemade whole wheat Naan pizza

....with organic chicken, organic spinach, organic mushrooms, and organic Bertolli's garlic, olive oil and basil pasta sauce, all eaten with red wine
Wholewheat naan pizza with organic ingredients

OMG...The Irresistible Food of Haramara Retreat

The fabulous thing about Facebook/WWW is that you encounter soooo many delicious treats.  If you haven't heard about Adventurous Kate then you probably have been living under a rock and or someplace without internet connection; which seems very difficult to believe because I believe even in some caves in remote locations they receive access; so you living on this side of the world have no excuse!

Now, enough of the rant, check out Adventurous Kate's visit to the Haramara Retreat in Mexico!! OMG!!! Don't you wanna just eat your monitor and or book that flight for tomorrow!!

Curry Duck Contest at The Yacht Club in Trinidad

My girlfriend who lives in Trinidad is currently at the time of this post at The Yacht Club judging a Curry Duck Contest, and these are some of the dishes she's been chowing down on--pouring rain and all!  Look at all that delicious food.
Curry duck, buss-up-shot, rice, provisions

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Stages of stew beef

Banana wrapped in a philo dough and fried...

For $1.00 I bought divine deliciousness from a neighborhood Vietnamese store, and even though I am not a huge fan of bananas, I do like fried bananas. I don't know if the heat releases the sugars and flavour, but it's absolutely 100% fantabulously delicious!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Eat the ENTIRE PIG, even its OINK!

So, ummm, spoke to a friend at home, Trinidad, asked what they were up to and he said, "girl, we getting ready to eat this pig!" So, knowing him and his crew, I immediately cringed, because I knew what that meant!  NOTHING but bones will be left.  Pig ears, snout, hooves, tails, eyes, lips, liver, bladder, penis, eyelashes, cheeks, knees, elbows.  Ok, I'm being silly, but you get the point!

My question to you is, is there a part of the pig that you will NEVER eat?

Delish Salad, it is a meal all by itself.

Chick peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled beets, parsley, shredded cabbage, lentil peas, lettuce, and that dressing.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Last nights dinner mistake(s)

Inspired by a quick dinner fix I saw on CBC yesterday afternoon, I pick up my little one and head home with visions of recreating what was previously seen on television.

Dinner was to be sweet potato oven baked fries, and fish fingers oven baked.

First fumble:  I did not get the Caribbean sweet potato which has the great orange flesh.  So, as I peeled the sweet potato, immediately my enthusiasm was already gone.  Still I went on to make them.  The Chef recommended to add olive oil to the egg white, whip till frothy then coat the potatoes in them, so once in the oven it will become crispy, because sweet potatoes do not get that crispy texture
Second fumble:  I forgot to line the baking sheet with parchment paper (tossed out the non-stick tray I had, because of a previous incident---but that's another post), and I also forgot to use spray pam so as to prevent sticking...*ONE would think this was my first time cooking* UGH!

Time for the fish:  I did not have cat fish, so I used a salmon.  I had to wash it a bit in lemon juice, patted the fish dry, tossed it in Hellmann's (as recommended by the chef), so the bread crumbs etc would adhere to the fish etc.
I used plain breadcrumbs and added my own seasonings, Romano cheese, chilli, garlic powder to it as well as chopped cilantro (the chef used parsley and paprika).

By this time, 15 mins are already long gone, so I remove the  tray with the potatoes only to see them stuck to the tray as if I used contact cement on them, oh how infuriating!  Once again, I blurted SHIT, my son ran to the kitchen to tell me, *Mom you said a bad word, put a quarter in the jar!!* OMG, why does he have to have such a great memory!!??

By this time, let me tell you, dialing 905-310-4466 for Gino's Pizza is looking absolutely perfect!  But, still I go on!  So, I coat the fish, put it on the tray with the potatoes for everyone to finish their dance together.

FINALLY, the sorted ordeal has come to it's eternal end and as I prepare to remove the food from the tray, I say a prayer, in walks Mr. Mouth *my son* to say, "ooh mom it looks delicious!  Can we eat it now?" I smile at him and say, "thanks hun." we'll eat just as soon as mummy can remove them from the tray.

Yes, we ate, the fish tasted great, the potatoes, from what was removed from the tray, tasted ok...We took the fish wrapped them up in chipolte wraps, added tartar sauce, a squirt of lemon juice and enjoyed our fish wraps!

Damn, what an ordeal!

Monday, 7 November 2011

David Adjey asking the audience, "What kind of food would they serve on their food truck?"

Street Heat Cook Off at Humber College

Hosted by Tabasco and celebrity Chef David Adjey, Humber College was sizzling today as three up and coming Jr. Chefs competed to see who would be Canada's Hottest Jr. Chef, and their interpretation of the ever popular "street food". They came from Saskatchewan, Humber College, and Niagara.

The Jr. Chef from Saskatchewan created a pulled pork taco.

Of course Humber College was the fan fav already. His street food was a Thai inspired burrito! And if he didn't win (as I left early and did not wait o find out), on taste and original idea, his presentation alone was fabulous!

The Jr. Chef from Niagara created jerk chicken in a roti with cilantro. She looked as though she was having issues with her equipment and pots'n'pans. For to make roti, the pan has to be sizzling hot!
Some pics: (sorry did not get upclose pics of the creations, that was reserved for the judges)


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ahh "Teapers"

My mom is an avid tea drinker, desert heat or Arctic cold, just give her tea. Me, eh, I could care less. Anyhoo, she gave me an assortment of teas. why? I do not know, probably some Jedi mind trick she has been perfecting over the years.

This morning of all mornings, I bypass my orange juice with a splash of angostura bitters, to try one of her teas. First its black tea, and as the description suggests, "a rich, malty "dawn to dusk" awakening blend of the finest-grade organic black tea leaves."
What I liked about it was purely ornamental, I liked the silky biodegradable pouch it came in.

Taste after it steeped for 4 mins? Ugh, not for me. Perhaps 4 mins was too long, because as the hot water touched the pouch it immediately began to work its magic. Eventually I had to add a teaspoon of brown sugar just to drink it.

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dhalpourie for dinner. That's what it looks like, with ground up chic peas in between. Sooo, delish!

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Look at the pretty cauliflower

I have never been a fan of cauliflower, but on my trip to Fortino's recently, I was shocked to see multicolored cauliflower.
I did not purchase any, because I am just not sure if they are "natural" or some hyper anxious farmer wanting to have the "new" thing on the market? And forget about asking the clerks, they know nothing!
Me: "Excuse me is this natural or a manmade thing?"
Clerk: "ummm, yea I don't know...."
Me: "are you serious?"

This article I just found....thanks google!

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Shredded pork, and chicken

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Look at all the salsa, mmm

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Love this pumpkin.

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Hypnotic Donuts opens January 2012 in Dallas

I'm not an American, BUT, I will gladly fly out to Dallas just to be hyptonized by the Hypnotic Donuts such as this little SINFUL does this look?  I'm telling you, I see diets just crashing and gym memberships increasing by leaps and bounds!

The Source

At times my pantry scares me

I open it and it's as though I'm waiting for a booming voice to say, "well, what are you waiting on an invitation or a newsflash to tell you what you need to purchase to replenish me!"