Sunday, 19 February 2012

Don't tell me what it is until I'm done eating please!

That was what I always say at some foods that just don't look right, at least to the everyday person who is not exposed to gourmet and exotic on a regular basis.  That does not mean, I won't eat exotic, I once ate calf brains, well, I guess I should not say "I ate it", it got as far as the back of my throat before I had to very subtly get rid of it in the serviette a.k.a. napkin :)  To this day, I cannot even LOOK at tripe without my stomach physically kicking me saying, "ooh no you don't!"

Taking you back to the first time I had turtle, alligator, and rattlesnake...*I know..*, not to mention jellyfish salad.

My turtle experience happened many moons ago when I was about 13, my dad took my sis and I on a trip across USA, and he had a friend who was a big chef at a gourmet restaurant in Alabama, I remember just chomping down on shrimp, shrimp, and shrimp, *did I mention that I love shrimp?*  He brought out many things, the gumbo was the turtle culprit, and of course I did not know.  Because had I known, I would not have eaten it.  The Gumbo consisted of all sorts of things, but, turtle was the MAIN ingredient and he did not skimp on the turtle meat.  It was DELICIOUS, of course, I don't remember the consistency of turtle meat.

My alligator experience happened a few years ago at Big Daddy's Crabshack in Toronto, and I loved it.   It was deep fried and rockingly delicious!  Lately, I've been hearing about a place in the "Glades" that serves Gator ribs...

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My rattlesnake experience happened years ago, a friend of mine had just returned from Sweetwater, Texas, rattlesnake roundup, and he brought me back bbq rattlesnake, and rattlesnake fajitas and in pitas etc.  Hello, the first thing I said to him, "don't tell me what it is."  And it was simply delicious, nope did not taste like chicken, it has a much more gamier flavor, think of frogs legs.  Want to learn how to cook rattlesnake?  I would imagine catching the venomous suckers are the most difficult part, lol.  How to prepare rattlesnake for cooking.

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My jellyfish salad experience happened at an Asian wedding, a 12 course meal, I may have been more, there was sooooo much food I truly do not remember.  I just remember being in total awe at the food presentations, the fried chicken heads, and the dumplings etc.  But, what really hit home for me on that awesome dining experience was the Jellyfish salad.  Translucent in appearance with shimmers of lavender, purple, pink etc, the jellyfish has no specific taste on it's own, and the rubbery texture of it, very delicious indeed. Good read here

One of the foods I cannot seem to get to is Tripe.  No matter how pretty it's cooked up and served...even if you don't tell me what it is, I can still see it and then immediately my brain and stomach shuts down and will not allow the thought of it coming close to my lips.