Friday, 4 November 2011

Ahh "Teapers"

My mom is an avid tea drinker, desert heat or Arctic cold, just give her tea. Me, eh, I could care less. Anyhoo, she gave me an assortment of teas. why? I do not know, probably some Jedi mind trick she has been perfecting over the years.

This morning of all mornings, I bypass my orange juice with a splash of angostura bitters, to try one of her teas. First its black tea, and as the description suggests, "a rich, malty "dawn to dusk" awakening blend of the finest-grade organic black tea leaves."
What I liked about it was purely ornamental, I liked the silky biodegradable pouch it came in.

Taste after it steeped for 4 mins? Ugh, not for me. Perhaps 4 mins was too long, because as the hot water touched the pouch it immediately began to work its magic. Eventually I had to add a teaspoon of brown sugar just to drink it.

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