Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Last nights dinner mistake(s)

Inspired by a quick dinner fix I saw on CBC yesterday afternoon, I pick up my little one and head home with visions of recreating what was previously seen on television.

Dinner was to be sweet potato oven baked fries, and fish fingers oven baked.

First fumble:  I did not get the Caribbean sweet potato which has the great orange flesh.  So, as I peeled the sweet potato, immediately my enthusiasm was already gone.  Still I went on to make them.  The Chef recommended to add olive oil to the egg white, whip till frothy then coat the potatoes in them, so once in the oven it will become crispy, because sweet potatoes do not get that crispy texture
Second fumble:  I forgot to line the baking sheet with parchment paper (tossed out the non-stick tray I had, because of a previous incident---but that's another post), and I also forgot to use spray pam so as to prevent sticking...*ONE would think this was my first time cooking* UGH!

Time for the fish:  I did not have cat fish, so I used a salmon.  I had to wash it a bit in lemon juice, patted the fish dry, tossed it in Hellmann's (as recommended by the chef), so the bread crumbs etc would adhere to the fish etc.
I used plain breadcrumbs and added my own seasonings, Romano cheese, chilli, garlic powder to it as well as chopped cilantro (the chef used parsley and paprika).

By this time, 15 mins are already long gone, so I remove the  tray with the potatoes only to see them stuck to the tray as if I used contact cement on them, oh how infuriating!  Once again, I blurted SHIT, my son ran to the kitchen to tell me, *Mom you said a bad word, put a quarter in the jar!!* OMG, why does he have to have such a great memory!!??

By this time, let me tell you, dialing 905-310-4466 for Gino's Pizza is looking absolutely perfect!  But, still I go on!  So, I coat the fish, put it on the tray with the potatoes for everyone to finish their dance together.

FINALLY, the sorted ordeal has come to it's eternal end and as I prepare to remove the food from the tray, I say a prayer, in walks Mr. Mouth *my son* to say, "ooh mom it looks delicious!  Can we eat it now?" I smile at him and say, "thanks hun." we'll eat just as soon as mummy can remove them from the tray.

Yes, we ate, the fish tasted great, the potatoes, from what was removed from the tray, tasted ok...We took the fish wrapped them up in chipolte wraps, added tartar sauce, a squirt of lemon juice and enjoyed our fish wraps!

Damn, what an ordeal!

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  1. Lol, that's hilarious, how old is your son? Important thing is that the food tasted good and was edible.