Thursday, 15 December 2011

Delicious guava tarts from Alima's

What a fragrant fruit a guava is.  If you reside in the Caribbean and or are lucky to get it imported to your local supermarket in North America, you know what I'm speaking of!  Today the urge for a pineapple tart hit me like a bolt of lightning, however, when I walked into Alima's,

I was greeted y Guava tarts, so naturally, I did what I had to do and purchased 6, in addition to 6 pineapple tarts.

Biting into one was so soft, and slightly flaky, not so flaky that you're clothing is covered in the pastry, no, no no, the pastry held together, the taste of the guava burst into my mouth and my tastebuds danced with total delight.  Even after eating one, the taste and the fragrant of the freshly made guava filling was till prominent.
Well done Alima's, well done!!

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