Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pholourie from Molly's Hotte Shoppe

With a large West Indian population scattered throughout Canada, Brampton has a high concentration of Trinidadians. And once there are Trinidadians, there will be roti shoppes! Case in point--Molly's Hotte Shoppe, located in an industrial part of Brampton, Molly's has lured me into her doors, and wow....the pholourie are bitesize, and soft, SOFTTT, a dunk into the medium heat tambarind sauce and pop that little lourie into your mouth and enjoy as your taste buds dance!

The aloopie, soft, and thin (just the way I love them).

P.s. If you are not a hot sauce adventurer, I will stay clear of the heat, it had me sweating and my nose running, lol

Molly's is located at: 44-490 Chrysler Dr, Brampton 905-793i0083

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