Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday in the City of Toronto

After the Eco-Expo at The Westin Harbour Castle, T and I decided to find some food to eat, and since we were soooo excited about what we heard and saw at The Malaysia booth, we felt for Malaysian food, but after calling the chosen restaurant and not getting anyone to speak to, we decided on Korean Grill House located at 214 Queen Street, across from MuchMusic....and boy were we happy we did!

Having never paid to cook our own food in a restaurant over an open pit located in the table itself, we were "Korean Grill Virgins" and we welcomed the opportunity to be, well, non-virgins of the Korean Grill BBQ experience.

Here are a few pics of our grilling....

Put something on me...let's eat!

Chicken, squid, and salmon

Chicken salmon, and squid

Pickled potatoes, spicy beansprouts, spicy/pickled cabbage, tofu , radish, and regular bean sprouts
After the Korean BBQ, we wanted something sweet, so we walked over to Cafe Crepe and had a most awesome nutella filled crepe with hazlenuts, topped with whipped creme....

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