Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oven caught on FIRE!!

I had gone to #winners and purchased what I thought was a #silicone brownie baking pan. There were no labels, or instructions etc on the baking pan, so I approached a sales associate and asked, "excuse me, but is this a silicone baking pan, that I CAN put into the oven?". She said, "absolutely, it is, they are really great."

Super, with my faith renewed in knowledgeable sales associates, I head on home to bake up my delish double fudge marshmallow brownies.

With the over preheated, I place my batter in the pan, confident that the removal process will be one of super ease. Ten minutes go by and I begin to smell something in my kitchen smelling not like brownies, but much like burning rubber. I go to the kitchen, look into the oven, and it is a bright ORANGE color! Yes, it wasn't a silicone baking dish after all. I immediately turn off and unplug the oven, grab my fire extinguisher and begin to put out the fire. Naturally, everything was ruined, and I am now furious!
So, I pack up everything, and head back to the store and approached the sales associate, and asked her, "hi, do silicone baking pans usually melt and catch afire like this?
Another associate overheard and said, "oh my goodness, that is a KITCHEN DRAWER ORGANIZER!"

With my faith in "knowledgeable sales associates" incinerated, I was mortified! My money was not refunded, but I have learned to NEVER purchase such ever again without adequate company research.
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